Current Progress on the Lido Beach Passive Nature Area

5/6/2003 Mike Farina & Bill Overton, Marine Nature Study Area staff Biologists, are now Project Managers
5/8/2003 Chuck Hamilton, DEC Natural Resources, Region 1 Supervisor, approved the use of the Marsh Cat for the Merchant Marine Academy cleanup on Sat. 5/10/03
5/8/2003 Hamilton has taken Karen Graulich, DEC Marine Habitat Protection, Region 1 Manager, off as DEC laison and wants all references and updates referred to him personally, and to go ahead and plan the roundtable meeting, on any day except Fri. evening
5/10/2003 Merchant Marine Academy volunteered their time and people power to begin the cleanup process of the site (Click Here)
5/20/2003 Invitation Letters where sent out to appropriate parties
5/29/2003 Farina spoke with Hamilton and Revision 4 of management plan was developed
6/23-24/2003 Community Meetings, representatives at the meetings were very pleased with the plans
8/1/2003 Revision 5 of management plan was developed, detailing Year 1 for permit application
8/13/2003 Secretary of State, Randy A. Daniels will be at the Project Site to hand over the $50,000 grant to Town Supervisor, Kate Murray.  All Societies, Associations, and interested individuals are welcomed to attend this unofficial start to the Project.  For more information contact TOH:C&W (516) 431-9200 (Click Here)
8/17/2003 An organized cleanup day prompted by the South Shore Waterfowlers will be held at the Project Site.  All interested parties welcomed. For more information contact TOH:C&W (516) 431-9200 (Click Here)
11/18/2003 Our permits are in proper order, and work has begun on the first stage of a 3 part plan. (Click Here)
3/14/2004 The South Shore Waterfowlers perform their second cleanup their help is always appreciated (Click Here)
3/29/2004 The First Osprey Platform was erected thanks to John Z. and John A.    (Click Here)
5/5/2004 The First Osprey at the Platform, signs are good (Click Here)
6/4/2004 The main gate and fence is completed (Click Here)
8/18/2004 Major work rekindles as equipment become available at the end of the beach season (Click Here)
9/3/04 The crushed shell driveway and parking lot are carved out. (Pic1) (Pic2)
9/30/04 Biology Staff meeting to discuss trail creation at planting materials and landscaping schemes
10/6/04 Trail systems created and defined with wood chips (Click Here)
10/6/04 A purchase request finalized for plant materials to be planted before the first snow fall.  Hopefully.
12/3/04 A new indented gate for safety
12/7-10/04 First planting session (Click Here)
1/20/05 Parking lot preparation and West Marina trail complete (pic1) (pic2)
1/20/05 Current Progress 360 degree panorama image (LARGE FILE)
2/16/05 Stone borders for erosion control and decorative touch
2/16/05 Current Progress 360 degree
3/18/05 Stone borders and grading continue throughout this week (Click Here)
3/31/05 Management Meeting, outlining the current progress and the steps necessary to finish Phase I of the plan by approx. the 1st week in June. (Checklist)
4/4-15/05 Trail, and planting area grooming and the first steps to completing the parking (Click Here)
week of 4/26 Water service installation, west marina trail placement (Click Here)
5/5/05 Field/ meadow/ 3rd berm construction
5/18/05 Trim and fence post
5/31/05 Finishing Touches
6/14/05 Current Condition
6/24/05 Signage
6/29/05 Berm Stairs
7/6/05 Official Opening
7/15/05 Benches Erected
8/17/05 Wildflowers in Bloom
9/17/05 Eagle project Thomas Hassett: Butterfly/ Hummingbird Garden
9/21/05 Garden Retreat
1-3/2006 Western trail loop construction
1-3/2006 Marsh Cleanup
3/2006 New Planting Area being created
4/2006 New Signage 1, 2
6/2006 Trail Improvements
1/2007 Creation of third and final trail
6/2007 Updated Trail Photos
4/4/2008 Final Trail Open over looking the Channel