Two Wilson's Phalaropes at the MNSA

May 2, 2007

Oceanside, New York -- Two Wilson's Phalaropes were feeding in the the large flooded mudflat between the MNSA and golf course.  On final patrol at 4:00pm Mike Farina discovered an unusual sight.  Feeding among Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, with a pair of Willet and a handful of Brant two birds stood out among the crowd.  According to Mr. Farina, he made an abrupt u-turn back to the parking lot to retrieve his camera to record this first time event to the Marine Nature Study Area.  "I was surprised and amazed!" Mr. Farina said; as he slowly stalked through the saturated wetland out towards the mud flat.  Equipped with a digital camera with a 300mm lens, 2x converter and what I can only describe as a gun stock looking device, Mr. Farina looked like he was hunting big game in the wilds of Africa, little did anyone know that his quarry was smaller than a loaf of bread.  The Wilson's Phalarope makes this the 272nd bird added to the MNSA Life List, and the 115th bird the the year 2007.  We'll keep you apprised on any developments to this story.

May 3, 2007

Oceanside, New York -- Today, a lone Phalarope was seen in the same area as the pair yesterday.  The single bird was identified as the female.  She continued to feed and hangout in the flooded mudflat between us and the Middle Bay Country Club.  Not enough information has been gathered, and no confirmation but current speculation has the male sitting somewhere on the property with eggs.

May 4, 2007

Oceanside, New York -- The single bird was seen in the same location throughout the day in the same location.  Seen by many of the visitors looking today, the Phalarope was visible from 8:00a 'til closing at 5:00p

May 5, 2007

Oceanside, New York -- Through further observation and photographic comparison we have concluded that the lone bird seen for the remainder of the week is the more male looking of the two.  This causes our initial theory of a breeding pair, and perhaps a male somewhere incubating to be rejected.

May 6, 2007

Oceanside, New York -- The male remained in sight throughout the day until 4:30p.  The mudflat was full of Least Sandpipers and absent of any Yellowleg species and the Phalarope.  Staff   will continue to search on 5/8/07.